Mar. 22, 2024

MCCLELLANDTOWN – This week, House Bill 1201 passed the House with a 139-62 vote. It would require certain businesses to protect consumer privacy and limit the collection of consumer data. The bill now heads to the Senate for consideration.

Rep. Charity Grimm Krupa (R-Fayette) issued this statement following the passage of the bill:

“In theory, this bill is something I can support. Consumers deserve the right to take a stand against companies that may misuse their confidential information. However, the fine print of House Bill 1201 contains a poison pill for Pennsylvanians’ privacy.

“This legislation gives the attorney general an unchecked ability to demand these companies hand over any confidential information companies collect, as long as it’s part of an investigation. The bill does not define what kind of information the attorney general can demand, so anything these companies collect is fair game.

“In a time when our political adversaries are using the justice system to persecute people with different political views, it is insane to give prosecutors unchecked authority to access information as personal as our search history, the content of “private” chats or which political pages we like. 

“I urge you to contact your senator and ask that they vote NO on House Bill 1201 in its current form. Unless it’s amended to remove this unnecessary and unconstitutional power to the attorney general, the private information this bill seeks to protect is at even greater risk.” 

Representative Charity Grimm Krupa
51st District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Contact: 724-438-6100 /