This award-winning winemaker grows its own grapes right here in the Laurel Highlands. Ridge Runner Distillery makes its unique blend of corn whiskey just across the street.

Aug. 28, 2023 / Embed

For Jake G

Touring the Historic Summit Inn

Aug. 15, 2023 / Embed

Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Louis Chevrolet and Harvey Firestone are just a few of the many guests to have stayed at the Historic Summit Inn since it opened in 1907.

Exploring Laurel Caverns

Jul. 07, 2023 / Embed

We stopped by Laurel Caverns, a cave complex that spans 4 miles and stretches 45 stories below the cave’s entrance.

Stocking the Yough

Jun. 29, 2023 / Embed

If you're a fan of fishing, you can thank the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission for stocking our waterways. Back in May, I rolled up my sleeves and helped the conservation officers get the Yough River ready for fishing in Fayette County.

Touring Nemacolin Resort

Jun. 28, 2023 / Embed

Nemacolin Resort employs 1,200 workers and brings visitors to Fayette County who patronize our small businesses.